Estate Planning

As we get older, estate planning is essential for families. With so many uncertainties out there, it only makes sense to plan for the future, especially if you want your assets passed to your loved ones and not the government or hospital. At the Law Offices of Lynch & Lynch, we can help you maximize your financial situation in Queens, NY or on  Long Island.

A Hands On Estate Planner

Lynch & Lynch offers you a hands on analysis of your situation and looks at the many factors that is involved when it comes to your estate. It could be everything form investments, pensions, retirement accounts as well as estate tax , gift tax, and other tax considerations, property management, investment management, life and long-term care insurance, asset protection, and special needs planning.

As a Queens and Long Island estate planning lawyer, we work with you to figure out the best plan for you and your family. In the case of medical emergencies and long-term care possibilities, we will work to ensure that assets stay with families instead of being drained when they need it the most. With so many laws changing and complex features of trusts, you need to talk to a profession so your legal protections are maximized.

Contact Lynch & Lynch, your Queens and Long Island estate financial planning attorney for a free consultation.