Probate Law

No one wonders about the Probate System until a family member passes away. In Queens and Long Island, you will be going through the New York State probate system. It is a legal process where the deceased’s will is verified as valid and the assets and property can be passed onto the rightful heirs and beneficiaries.

If there is no will to be executed of it has been lost or destroyed, the probate process is required unless there are no assets or only personal effects remaining.

The Probate Process

There are many legal ramifications involved with the probate process, including technical language used in probate documentation and there are time limits and deadlines.

You need to get counsel from a Queens and Long Island Probate Attorney. We handle all the legal aspects and administration in probate. That includes, notifying creditors, publishing legal notices, petitions to appoint personal representatives, filing or objecting to claims made against the estate, handling disputes among beneficiaries and others with claims to the estate, ensuring that estate taxes and other taxes and valid debts are paid, locating and identifying all of the assets and property, selling any real estate or other assets when necessary to pay debts or create correct distribution, and to properly distribute the assets, property, or funds to beneficiaries per the instructions of the deceased’s will or per state law.

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